Tardiness: High School and Copyright

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A. Background of the Study

Tardiness has already become a habit of the high school students of Manresa school. Most of them come to school, attend their classes and scheduled appointments not on time. They all have their own reasons; traffic, working slow, waking up late, etc. Most of the students in Manresa School, are even residents of BF Homes. Some are even residing in the Manresa Village, and still, they are arriving late. They are residents who have been probably living in the village, or subdivision all their lives, who should have already put into consideration the usual problems they would encounter when they go to school. Many teachers get disappointed, but up to now, the students are still unaware of what they are doing.

Tardiness is one of the most common causes that affect the lives of the high school students. But, how can tardiness really affect our lives as a student? Will it bring down our academic grades? This study will provide information about tardiness, what causes it, the probable consequences of being tardy, and possible solutions to overcome, or at least help the High School students of Manresa School regarding their problem of being late.

B. Statement of the Problem

Prevention of tardiness among the high school students of Manresa School.

C. Objectives of the Study

At the end of the study, the group is expected to. . .

1. To find out why the high school students of Manresa school are tardy.

2. To prove that it is possible for the students to come to school and/or attend classes early.

3. To give solutions and prevent tardiness.

D. Significance of the Study

The study is very important because many people would be able to benefit from this study; namely, teachers and the tardy students themselves. During the course of this study, the group will be able to find out what the causes and effects this might have on not only the students, but also the teachers and staff. The study can also help those who are experiencing tardiness over and over again without being consciously aware of the reason, and may also help those who wish to conduct this kind of study in the future.

The group can use this information to help anyone looking for psychological, physiological and social aspects of tardiness. Anyone who wants to know more about preventing someone from being late can make use of the information retrieved from this study. The professionals, not only the students can also experience being late. They will also be able to make use of the study, and this study can virtually benefit anyone who has to be somewhere at sometime.

E. Scope and Limitation
The study focuses on preventing tardiness among the high school students of Manresa school. It is a specific topic but still covers a lot of factors. The study covers ways and changes that Manresa School should follow in order to lessen the number of tardy students In order to prevent tardiness, the students must know its causes and effects in many ways. The study covers the tardiness in coming to school, attending classes and other important appointments, activities, etc. these factors are all important because the students of Manresa School should know what tardiness could do to them if it becomes a habit. F. Definition of Terms

1. Attendance (n) – the act of attending; number of persons present. 2. Authority (n) – to have the power and right to control, judge or prohibit the actions of others; to be in charge. 3. Awareness (n) – realization of something; consciousness. 4. Behavior (n) – manner of behaving or acting the aggregate of responses to internal or external stimuli. 5. Consequence (n) – outcome; unpleasant result of an action. 6. Counsel (n) – a professional guidance service for individuals, applying the techniques of...
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