Tarantino's Filming Methods

Topics: Film, Music genre, Kill Bill Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: March 21, 2011
Tarantino-Comparative Essay
Alex Bouter

Tarantino is an extra-ordinary, peculiar and quirky director that spent his younger years hibernating in a video rental shop, where he learnt all he knows about films. He took what he learnt and made some of the most controversial movies ever seen in the film industry. While he was there, he formed certain opinions about all the movies he watched and got fixed on certain genres, which he now incorporates in all of his films. Manipulating his audience is his main aim and he does this through influencing conventions and in some cases flipping them on their heads. The above statement can be attached to Tarantino’s films as he has a certain method of making films that make fun of conventions and use them to get a certain reaction from his audience.

Tarantino’s use of conventions sometimes leave the audience in disarray, not knowing what is going on and completely confused. In the film Kill Bill, Tarantino uses the convention of not naming the main character to his advantage as it brings a certain mystery to the film and in effect, makes the audience actually want to see the sequel as they are curious as to what her name is. This method is a great asset to him as it will bring more people to watch his films and so exploits us through his conventions, Tarantino is bent on making films that are above all else entertaining, Through not naming his main character it brings the audience closer to the film, wanting to try and see if they can grasp a hint of her name.

In Tarantino’s films he speaks about things that are taboo in most cultures. Pulp Fiction is a film focused on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll which in itself is a convention. He exposes many issues that most people believe to be “hush hush” subjects. Another subject that is taboo to some, that Tarantino uses, is explicit violence or exaggerated violence which is the convention of action-violence films. In Source H it shows a popular internet cartoon show called...
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