Taran Swan

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  • Published : November 4, 2009
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Case 5: ‘Taran Swan’

1. Describe the culture at Nickelodeon Latin America. Be specific.

- Firstly, the whole culture at Nickelodeon is all about kids. Give children a voice and unify children. The children are the face of the channel. This was noticeable in the company’s atmosphere. People dressed casually and felt comfortable bringing their kids into work and the passed out candy at some meetings. Swan wanted to create brand awareness internally (People should have “orange” blood and a strong identification with the brand) - Secondly, there is a strong team culture. Swan created a team orientation culture in which people felt responsible for the business as a whole, not only for their individual task/department. Also, everyone is allowed to contribute ideas. - Thirdly, there’s the Big bets”-strategy. For example concentrating money and efforts on one major project. As their strategy implies, they were willing to take risk. Trust is behind their willingness to take risk. Taran has fought for her people and delegated tasks to them, believing their ability. Although they are empowered, they want to make decisions together with the colleagues who they trust.

2. How did Swan go about building that culture? (Consider the interrelationships among Nickelodeon Latin America’s context, design factors, culture and outcomes).

She decided on developing projects (“Nick en Vivo”, “Ayuda a tu Mundo”) to communicate the culture and mission (“Nick te connect a tu mundo”) toward the outside world. There is a strong resemblance between the mission and slogan that is all about unifying kids from different cultures/countries rather than alienating them and the company’s culture. This “unifying” aspect is reflected in her team design. She insisted on a multidimensional team with the motto “Work together, get along together”. This team was formed using functional diversity, ties and team configuration and it...
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