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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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12/ 18/ 12

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Subject: Tara's Talk From: To: Date: Merline Mertus (celdon1_1999@yahoo.com) jessiepierre12@yahoo.com; Monday, December 17, 2012 9:36 PM

Tara: Merline, how can show that Jehovah is my Sovereign Lord when people who do bad things don’t even get punished? Merline: It can be difficult to do the right things when everyone else is doing wrong. Tara: Yes, like last week, a kid in my class cheated on the test. He received a high grade! That is not fair! Merline: Tara, you know you are not the only one that felt that way before. Tara: Really?! Merline: Yes, the bible talks of a man by the name of Asaph. Asaph was a chief singer and player of the cymbals. He served in the tabernacle directing the music and singing. You know he was nearly caused to stumble because of the injustices that were occurring around him. He showed a lack of appreciation of the all-important relationship with Jehovah. Tara: What happened? Merline: Asaph saw that the wicked men were rich and they often seemed to be content with their life, not experiencing any consequences. He became envious of these wicked men. Asaph felt that his worship to Jehovah was in vain because of all the bad things happening around him. Asaph needed to show that Jehovah was the Sovereign Lord. Tara: How did he show that? Merline: Well, I will have you read what he concluded when he corrected his thinking. Read for me Psalms 78:23, please. Tara: Reads Psalms 78:23 Merline: In the beginning of this verse Asaph states, “the drawing near to God is good for me.” Do you understand what it means to draw near to someone? Tara: Not really. Merline: Imagine a cone-shaped mountain-wide at the base and narrow at the top. You are standing at the foot on one side of the mountain and I am standing also at the food of the mountain, but on the opposite side. When we both are still near the mountain base, a long distance separates us. Yet, as we climb higher and higher towards the top of the mountain, the...
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