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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Writing Assignment II: Bottled Water vs. the World
The documentary “Tapped” presents the argument of how the production of bottled water has negative effects the environment. Representatives from several different soft drink and bottled water companies then defend their company and facts about how harmful bottled water is to the environment are presented. An interview of what customers think about the product is shown, and the scene ends. This is repeated throughout the film many times. At the end of the film, the audience is supposed to be convinced not to purchase bottled water because it is slowly destroying the Earth.

Bottled water is something that everyone has purchased in their lifetime. It’s healthy, hydrating and prevents no health hazards (unless you’re crushed by thousands of bottles of it). But in the documentary “Tapped,” it’s portrayed as a terrible thing to buy. The reasons given are pretty eye opening too.

According to the film, the waste leftover from the bottled water is polluting oceans, highways, fields and any other area one could think of. The pollution is so severe that there’s even a zone in the ocean the size of Texas filled with plastic, they described it in the documentary as a “plastic soup”. This area is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; the water contains forty six times more plastic than plankton. It is one of five zones. Little by little, the Earth is running out of space for all of the waste being produced.

Landfills are swarming with plastic bottles; they are actually starting to overflow with them. The reason being, is that plastic takes so long to biodegrade, and plastic bottles made with PET never degrade. The factories that produce that PET aren’t helping with the pollution situation either. Industries use around forty seven million gallons of fossil fuels to produce water bottles each year and four hundred and fifty million gallons are used to transport it. The chemicals produced...
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