Taobao vs Ebay China

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Taobao VS eBay in China

eBay China
eBay, as a global company with a global strategy that trades across many nations, regarded itself very much as an American company, founded in 1995. Under ' pioneered online person to person trading ', " a web-based community that bought buyers and sellers together " approaches ( Stockdale and Felstead, 2010) , currently the company listing sites in 29 countries and defines the C2C model of e-business around world. eBay has became the dominant online trading platform, and with a strong presence in most of the major Internet markets. In many markets, eBay has little direct competition. However, when Yahoo entered the Japanese market and dominates the auction business rapidly ( Haberberg and Rieple, 2007), eBay firstly had failed in Japan , and decided to close the Japan website in early 2002. Meanwhile, the company turned around economic center to the Chinese market. Despite eBay had built in China in 1999 as the first marketplace and acquired , a local organization in 2003 (Stockdale and Felstead, 2010) , the company has struggled to maintain its domination in the marketplace, eBay still faced various challenges in its business strategies, include the competitiveness is threated by Taobao in China. In fact, in order to align with its worldwide systems, eBay changed the Chinese operation in various ways ( Stranford Graduate School of Business, 2010). In the first place, the platform of eBay China was changed significantly includes the listing categorization, interface styles, and technologies. In addition, eBay China's pricing was changed to suit the parent company. According to the research of Stranford Graduate School of Business ( 2010 ), eBay adopt more significant changes after the takeover , despite EachNet had already started charging for listings. Lastly, for compete with an increasingly noticeable Taobao, the company makes the Chinese corporation into its global platform in Asian, eBay changed the...
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