Tanpin Kanri and 7-11 Japan

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Tanpin Kanri Case
Tanpin Kanri is best described as the customer and the employees deciding what sells in the store, and not the company. First the customers come in and buy what is in the store. Then the employees observe what is selling and what is being a shelf warmer. From there the store employees will make decision about what to put on the selves, so that all items will sell. As a former retail employee, I believe this is a great concept. Store employees know what the customers want because they interact with them on a daily basis and can predict what will sell and what won’t. Employees are told by the customers what they like and dislike about a product and what they want to see. Customers even include what they expected to see from the store. Customers are very opinionated and want what they want. If they have a particular item in mind there is no sales pitch that can change the image they have in their head. With Tanpin Kanri, the customer needs are met and are decided by the customer, not the company trying to push a product or assuming what the customer might want. Q2.

Tanpin Kanri may include too many responsibilities for hourly or part time employees. If Seven-Eleven hired full time employees responsible for the Tanpin Kanri and actively asked for the opinions of the hourly and part time employees, this may alleviate some stress for part time workers. Many times part time employees are there for the paycheck only, not to be part of the company. Although giving part time employees more responsibility does increase sales according to the research the company has done. This does give employees an extra interest in the company and in the position they hold.

Tanpin Kanri needs to be more detailed. Employees need to go beyond the numbers of what is selling and add in details of why the customer likes the product. It would be beneficial for the employee to talk to the customer and receive the information. Each product should have an extra...
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