Tanning Cause and Effect

Topics: Ultraviolet, Sun tanning, Sunscreen Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The obsession continues on a daily basis perfecting something so imperfect of someone’s outer canvas. Teenagers, even adults, craving the desire of having sun kissed skin year round. Skin so smooth and radiant making a person feel so empowered about their appearance. To some, tanned skin is a confidence booster but to others it’s just the way of life; a daily ritual of bronzing the body in a local tanning bed. The tanning epidemic in females has increased throughout the years to present the perfect image to their peers. Young teenagers are tanning on a daily basis using up their monthly tanning packages before their prom. Models tanning weekly to keep up with the summer tan look for swimsuit photo shoots that are shot in the winter months. Indulging in tanning for a brief 15 minute session is relaxing and unwinds the busy day. Unknowingly, the calming tanning bed is dangerous deep down. Tanning is harmful to the body is many different ways. The underlying effects of tanning aren’t so obvious to the person lying or standing a few inches away from the UV rays in the nearby tanning salon. The almost instant gratification a tanning bed provides in a single session is more convenient for those who wish to get the golden brown tan because the availability of a bronzing tanning lotion combined with UV rays is a great benefit to the customer as it helps enhances the tanning result. Underneath the convenience method lies a dangerous future ahead with complications of severe skin cancer even using a tanning lotion, such as melanoma, vision impairments and unwanted premature aging due to a fast confidence desire that slowly diminishes over a period of time without the initial acknowledgment of what lies ahead.

For all tanners who use the tanning bed technique are required to apply an indoor tanning lotion. An indoor tanning lotion is used primarily to coat the entire outer shell of the human body and allow the lotion to absorb into the skin while being subjected to the...
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