Tannery Industries in the Hazaribagh Area and Assessment of Its Impact on Air Pollution

Topics: Pollution, Air pollution, Environmentalism Pages: 18 (5916 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Tannery Industries in the Hazaribagh Area
Assessment of Its Impact on Air Pollution

Table of Contents
Part A
1)Questioning the tannery workers of Hazaribagh Area.
4)Literal review of other work.
6)Object of the study.
Part B 7)Air pollution and Its Impact on Environment
8)The law related to regulation of tannery industries and its comparative study with international standard. 9)Pollution caused to air of Dhaka; especially by tannery industries. 10)How air pollution of tannery industry is posing health risk to workers of those industries and the domicile of Dhaka. 11)Impact on other elements of nature through toxic of tannery waste.

Part C

12)Facts finding from the field survey on Hazaribagh tannery industries. 13)Assessment of fact.
14)Initiatives taken to mitigate the pollution by government. Part D

Part A

Questionnaires for Tannery Workers 1)How many people are in your family and do any of them work in tannery industries? 2) How many children do you have and how aged they are?

3)Are you or they suffering from any severe or minor physical or mental abnormalities which would cause it to be seriously handicapped for life? 4)Does any of your children works in tannery industries under aged 14? 5)Do they suffer from any kind of deficiency in terms of health for working in tannery industries? 6)Do you have any adult member in your family and how much aged he/she is? 7)Are they suffering from any kind of disease like, asthma, respiratory problem, skin cancer and skin diseases, fever and blindness for working in the factories? 8)Does any of your family members who works in this tannery industry suffers from any kind of mental or physical problem? 9)Do you know your right to get minimum safety protection while working in industry according to Environment Conservation Act, 1995 and Environment Conservation Rules, 1997, Factory Act 1965, Factory Rule 1979 and labour law, 2006? 10)Is there any service book in this tannery industry which shows the measurement taken to provide minimum health service and protection to its workers? 11)Is there is black fume refining mechanism and proper ventilation system for disposing the dreadful smell? 12)Does your factory has a treatment plant to combat pollution include segregation of process waste water, sedimentation, neutralisation and biological treatment? 13)Do they know that for working in the industries their average survival limit has decreased? 14)Do the industries provide for any medical treatment or expense for medical treatment to diseased workers?


The tanneries, which export hundreds of millions of dollars in leather for luxury goods throughout the world, spew pollutants into surrounding communities. The residents of tannery industrial areas and domiciles of Dhaka have complained of illnesses such as fevers, skin diseases, respiratory problems, and diarrhoea caused by the extreme tannery pollution of air, water, and soil. That’s why, it is extremely necessary that safety gear and health become a top priority for the health of its workers. Those in a position to make regulations will need to make thorough changes that will not only ensure that it becomes strict law for workers to be protected, but to make sure that enforcement is overseen.


Industrialisation has been rapid in Bangladesh during the last decade, particularly in the sectors of leather. Though the leather industry sector is the fourth largest foreign exchange earner of the country, these industries are discharging polluted fumes and dreadful odour into air,...
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