Tannery Industries in the Hajaribagh Area and Its Impact on the Urban Form and Morphology

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Hazaribagh is a densely populated unplanned area of Dhaka city where about 185 leather processing industries have been operating and discharging solid and liquid wastes directly to the low-lying areas, river and natural canals without proper treatment. For this unsympathetic development of the city urban living environment is deteriorating and becoming unlivable.

Hazaribagh area is an unplanned area where leather processing industries have begun to develop from 1950s. Due to the rapid expansion of these industries since 1950s and their untreated toxic effluent discharge, it has a measurable impact on the living environment of this area. The regulatory measures are not that much practiced to restrict pollution. So the contamination level has reached to a level that the citizens are suffering from different pollution related problems.

A detailed level policy frame work and planning implication is essential for the development of the area and for ensuring livable environment. To assess the environmental degradation of heavy metals of water samples, heavy metals and organic carbon content of sediment were analyzed by many project works and thesis. This study is based on secondary source materials and is focused on how these tannery industries evolved in this particular place? Why it has emerged so rapidly? And what impact it has been extending to the surrounding zones especially on the forms and morphology of the neighborhood.


1. Introduction4
2.Objectives and scope of the Study5
4. History of Tannery Industry in Bangladesh6
5. Hazaribagh Tannery in Dhaka City6
6. Hazaribagh Tannery: Impact on the form and morphology in Surrounding Environment 8
6.1Houses and Residence of Hazaribagh Tannery9
6.2Road Network and Drainage System of Hazaribagh Tannery10
6.3Locations of Industries11
6.4UNIDO environment Programme 12
7.Findings and Analysis12
7.1 Socio economic condition of surrounding area13
7.2 Physical condition of surrounding areas14
7.3 Biodiversity and Pollution14
8. Tannery Relocation and Settlement of Hazaribagh Tannery and15
Redevelopment of Hazaribagh Tannery Area
9.Recommendation and Conclusion19-21
10. References 22

1. Introduction

Tanneries are the oldest industries in Bangladesh of which 95 percent are concentrated mainly in Hazaribagh area of Dhaka city. It is also a potentially rich manufacturing sector in terms of both financial return and social benefits. Hazaribagh with an area of 3.58 square kilometer is surrounded by Mohammadpur thana on the north, Kamrangirchar thana on the south, Dhanmondi and Lalbagh thanas on the east, Keraniganj upazila and Buriganga river on the west. It is situated on the south-west part of capital Dhaka.

The first tannery industry in Dhaka was established hundred years ago. Later on for the higher profit, concentration of industries increased with in a short period of time. This uncontrolled expansion of industrial zone extended its pressure on physical condition of environment and transformed the area to a brown field. It is now very essential to redevelop the site in planned and controlled manner.

Due to the rapid growth of populations demand of housing is also increased and urbanization extended to this peripheral zone. The Hazaribagh area has a great mix up of industrial and residential activities.This residential areas has a huge shortage of ancillary facilities. Further more toxic pollutant from the industries is a serious threat for them.

The dumping of untreated wastes from tannery industries in Hazaribag, Dhaka is the major source of pollution of Buriganga. The...
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