Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy

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Tanglewood has a unique culture that emphasizes “straight talk,” employee participation, and teamwork which helps to differentiate it from most of its major competitors. Following the recent period of rapid expansion and acquisition, the company must consolidate its human resources strategy to ensure that this culture is not lost. Recommendations to achieve this goal are as follows. STAFFING RECOMMENDATIONS

Acquire or Develop Talent
Now that Tanglewood is slowing their acquisition of new stores, it’s recommended that they develop existing talent for management positions working hard to instill the company’s unique values into recently acquired employees. Tanglewood is known for their employee input and contributions. Developing from within will increase productivity of the workforce; when employees believe that there are opportunities for advancement they are usually more motivated to achieve the organizational goals. For non-managerial positions, it will be necessary to acquire talent from outside the company. In order to support the mission statement, the company should acquire employees who are able to provide a high level of customer service and who are knowledgeable about the products and services that they are selling. Hire Yourself or Outsource

Tanglewood requires employees to have a comprehensive understanding of products as well as local knowledge. Given the company’s emphasis on exceptional customer service and the need to firmly establish the Tanglewood culture during this time of transition, it’s recommended that the hiring process remain in-house. Internal staff who can effectively evangelize company culture should be responsible for screening candidates. I

External or Internal Hiring
It’s recommended that management level staff be hired internally in order to facilitate the dissemination of Tanglewood’s culture. Hiring from within can instill a sense of belonging and encourages employees to understand how their best interests align with those of the company. Providing room for advancement can serve as motivation and encourage long-term thinking. This mode of thinking is beneficial to the company and helps it to maintain the family-oriented environment.

However, given the recent rapid growth, internal human resources may not be able to keep up with staffing demand. When necessary, external hiring should be leveraged to support rapid growth, increase diversity, and bring in new perspectives.

Core or Flexible Workforce
Given Tanglewood’s “team” philosophy, a core workforce composed of both full and part-time employees is recommended. A core workforce is also most appropriate given the company’s niche market with a unique company culture which differentiates it from competitors. While the potential cost savings of a flexible workforce may be attractive, this advantage is outweighed by the cost of additional training and reduced employee investment in the success of the company. Tanglewood’s knowledgeable workforce is a source of competitive advantage which would be lost with a flexible, less committed workforce.

Hire or Retain
Because of Tanglewood’s emphasizes on employee suggestions and contributions, the company should continue retain employees in order to preserve the company’s unique culture and values over time. Although occasionally hiring outside the company is inevitable, it’s recommended that Tanglewood develop a retention plan in order to reduce employee turnover and associated costs incuding hiring and training expenses, productivity loss, lost customers, diminished business, and damaged morale among remaining members of the workforce.

National or Global
Currently, Tanglewood’s 12 divisions are national with operations centered on the west coast. For the short-term, the company should continue to peruse a national staffing strategy for these stores. Although there is cost savings potential in globally outsourcing customer...
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