Tanglewood Hiring Process

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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Tanglewood should hire internal to develop talent. Providing good people with opportunities to grow not only helps the individual, but also helps the company because it builds a stronger team within the organization. Developing talent is one of the key responsibilities of a leader, and finding the right stretch opportunities for people is one good way to exercise leadership. Hiring internal l candidate will also be less expensive than hiring externally. Tanglewood should focus on Core Workforce during the selection of employees. A core workforce will creates stability within the workforce, which allows an organization to make some basic predictions about how operations will progress and what they will cost. Members of a core workforce are essential to the company they often stay with the company for extended periods of time. This lets the workers become highly skilled at the specific tasks they do. Tanglewood hiring process should be part of a long-range plan for the business that projects additional employees that will be needed. I think the company should identify the positions that will need to be filled and create a list of specifications that each job position will require. Tanglewood should also focus on retaining their employees. If they plan to follow an internal hiring strategy and maintain a core workforce they must also focus on retaining these employees. It would be difficult to maintain a consistent company culture if they have a high turnover rate of employees. Whereas many elements of the Tanglewood operational plan have been based on other firms within the retail industry. The company’s culture and values are distinct from most of its major competitors The Tanglewood organization should focus exceptional quality this will allow the organization to stock up on the best and the brightest with the hope that this exceptional talent pool would deliver truly superior performance. Tanglewood should employ people with a variety of...
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