Tanglewood Case Study

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April 4, 2012 Mr. Donald Penchiala, Tanglewood Staffing Services Director Kendra Novak Thornton, Tanglewood HR Planning Analyst Tanglewood Regional Divisions in the state of Washington

As you requested I have reviewed our staffing forecasts and our future hiring needs. My analysis consists of methods that will help us meet our staffing and organizational goals. To do so, I have made comparisons to our forecast availabilities with our future/ projected workforce. This information will identify our potential gaps and how these gaps may be filled. STEP 1: THE FIVE STAGES OF THE PLANNING PROCESS A. Because we expect our forecast for labor requirements to be constant from the previous year, I have used the same current workforce information you have given. B. In the spreadsheet below you will notice that I took our current workforce for Department Manager (850) and multiplied it by (.64). This total equals 544 and that is our year four projection for Department Managers. I used (.64) based on the information from the table you provided in our Transition Probability Matrix of those to be promoted. The remainder of the spreadsheet also includes our Assistant Store Manager projections and our Store Manager projections. They were derived as follows: Assistant Store Manager: (150 current workforce) multiplied by (.06 the total of assistant store managers who are expected to be promoted within three years) gave us nine as our Assistant Store Manager Workforce projection for year four. I did the same for Store Manager: (50) (.66) shows 33 store managers will be needed in year five. Next year (projected) Current Workforce Store Associate Shift Leader Department Manager 8,500 1,200 850 Year (1) 3655 0 0 Year (2) 510 648 0 Year (3) 0 192 544 Year (4) 0 0 51 Year (5) 0 0 0 Exit

4335 360 255 1

Assistant Store Manager Store Manager





















*Note: The figures in red are those in which you specifically requested

C. ENVIRONMENTAL SCAN In doing an environmental scan, I have noticed several things that we should improve upon. There are a few reasons why Tanglewood may face future problems filling vacancies. One of the challenges includes the public’s image of retail jobs. Many know of retail work as long hours with low pay and frequent conflict with lower-level employees. These views will deter recent college graduates as these conditions are undesirable to them. Furthermore, Tanglewood’s hiring policy that requires employees to start as store associates could be a problem. Individuals with a college degree may make excellent managers and they may not want to begin their careers as store associates. This policy could cost us to lose out on highly qualified individuals who are available to fill managerial positions when they become available. On another note, the Pacific Northwest regions labor market has been relatively “soft” these past few years. Unfortunately, unemployment rates are high making it difficult for individuals to find new jobs. These labor conditions could make it easier for Tanglewood to find new candidates for its managerial positions. However, our recent forecasts show that expansion in the professional and managerial sectors of the labor market may reduce the number of individuals who are actually available for these jobs. Basically, we are dealing with retail employment image as being grungy and unappealing to recent college graduates. Our hiring policies are not conducive for those who are well educated and do not want to start at the bottom. The labor market in the Pacific Northwest could be helpful, yet poses a challenge by reducing the number of people who are available for managerial jobs. Our staffing model of hiring and promoting within has proven to be a company strength. We have individuals who really know our culture and our social...
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