Tanglewood Case 1

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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Case Description/Introduction
The Tanglewood Company is concerned with companies like Target and Kohl’s creating more direct competition for their company. With that, Tanglewood must ensure they set themselves apart from their competitors by hiring the most qualified staff who will deliver memorable experiences to their customers. This exceptional service will guarantee their store will stand apart from their competitors. Identification of Business Strategy/Goals

Tanglewood is committed to hiring a workforce of “committed, qualified individuals who will help carry the Tanglewood philosophy into the future.” The company can obtain this goal by enforcing strategies of talent development and hiring from within coupled with employing exceptional quality service. These strategies will allow Tanglewood to set itself apart from the competition (i.e. Kohl’s and Target), build a strong company culture, realize cost savings by hiring from within, developing talent, and hiring inexperienced associates who the company can mold into the Tanglewood culture. This strategy will fall in line with Tanglewood’s team environment and maintain the family atmosphere that the company started with in 1975. Developing internal talent at Tanglewood is a better strategy than searching for external candidates as it allows everyone to experience the work from the ground up as they progress through their careers. This particular strategy also allows the company culture at Tanglewood to expand naturally. Every employee will be able to understand the culture of the company as they begin their career with a clean slate. The new employee can then be taught how the company operates and its culture. Exceptional workforce quality is a much better strategy for Tanglewood than acceptable workforce quality for the following reasons. To begin, Tanglewood’s target market is middle to upper class. Based upon this target market the company has a specific pricing strategy to differentiate...
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