Tanglewood Case 1

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Chase Cosner
Kathleen Shook
Jesse Anderson
Aaron Good
Case One: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy
* Acquire or Develop Talent
Tanglewood should acquire employees that have some knowledge in sales and retail but should also train and develop their customer service skills to coincide with the company’s goals and strategies. * Hire Yourself or Outsource

Tanglewood should definitely hire employees themselves because they have strong company morals that need to be enforced while hiring.

* External or Internal Hiring
For upper level managerial positions Tanglewood should hire internally. As stated in the case, “Organization feels their absolutely must be a workforce of committed, qualified individuals who will help carry Tanglewood philosophy into the future.” Then for entry level positions they should obviously hire externally.

* Core or Flexible Workforce
Tanglewood should focus on Core Workforce during the selection of employees. This business is based on a “team” philosophy that will be easily accomplished through core workforces. It will be difficult to maintain a cohesive employee and company culture with temporary employees throughout the year as opposed to full and part time employees working year round.

* Hire or Retain
Tanglewood should focus on retaining their employees. If they plan to follow an internal hiring strategy and maintain a core workforce they must also focus on retaining these employees. It would be difficult to maintain a consistent company culture if they have a high turnover rate of employees.

* National or Global
Tanglewood should maintain a national strategy. A global strategy would be extremely inefficient, considering their entire corporation is based in the U.S.

* Attract of Relocate
Tanglewood should attract their target employees. They have maintained a culture consistent with the area in which they operate. This includes an emphasis on products relative to local...
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