Tanglewood Case 1

Topics: Customer service, Employment, Organizational culture Pages: 4 (1253 words) Published: August 1, 2010
The following will discuss the Human Resource functions of Tanglewood Stores. The paper will discuss the staffing strategies required by Tanglewood in order to maintain its corporate culture and niche market while remaining competitive. The paper suggests strategic staffing decisions regarding the nine staffing levels and four factors of staffing quality.

Acquire or Develop Talent
According to the text, if Tanglewood wants to achieve a full acquisition strategy then Tanglewood is going to have to acquire new talent. This seems to be the best strategy for Tanglewood because it is already evident judging from the case that there is an inconsistency in management styles between toe original stores and the newly acquired stores. The argument for acquiring new talent is that new employees hit the ground running and are at their peak the moment they arrive. This is the kind of performance Tanglewood needs during and acquisition period. It assures that the newly acquired stores start on the right path without resentment or employees, particularly managers, who resist.

For existing stores, Tanglewood should take on a development approach. Acquiring from within is always a good way to maintain a productive workforce. When employees believe that there are opportunities for advancement they are usually more motivated to achieve the organizational goals. This approach could be beneficial because Tanglewood wants its employees to be self sufficient and think like managers.

Hire Yourself or Outsource
Tanglewood should continue to hire its own employees. The reason being is that Tanglewood has a niche that requires a certain kind of individual. In order to ensure that these individuals are the right matches it is best that Tanglewood screen and identify the appropriate hires. Though it is important for Tanglewood to have the final say on who’s hired, Tanglewood could outsource some functions in the recruiting process to companies such as yahoo, monster, and...
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