Tanglewood Case 1

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Tanglewood Case Study #1
Dear Donald Penchiala,
I am external consultant for staffing services, and I would like to make some suggestions on staffing quantity and staffing quality strategies for Tanglewood. In my professional opinion, developing current talent would be a better and more cost effective strategy for Tanglewood than acquiring new talent. Going forward, new employees with minimal or no retail background should have a chance to develop retail experience as an associate while growing accustomed to Tanglewood’s culture, competition, and goals. This is to the company’s advantage due to employees gaining similar experience leading to less disagreements, improved teamwork and morale, and greater expediency. Moreover, Tanglewood should prohibit the use of outsource consultants due to their lack of expertise with the region. Tanglewood needs employees who have a basic understanding and knowledge of the company. Hiring within the company can be an advantage because the person will be familiar with the company’s mission and culture, as well as happier from the recognition and motivated to continue moving up. Furthermore, Tanglewood should focus more on Core Workforce during their selection process because it creates stability within the workforce, which allows managers to make some basic predictions about how operations will progress and what they will cost. Also, once the business knows how many employees are available and what skills and knowledge those employees have, managers can develop specific strategies to meet company goals. This is much harder to do with a flexible workforce because of the number of employees, and thus the skill and knowledge set available is not reliable. With these policies in place, Tanglewood will also need to overhaul its employee retention incentives to avoid the disruption that a long hiring process and an outside employee can bring to Tanglewood. This is important to an internal hiring strategy and maintaining a core...
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