Tanglewood Case 1

Topics: Employment, Supply and demand, Term Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: March 10, 2013
-Staffing Levels
Acquire or Develop Talent
It is in Tanglwoods best interest to acquire new talent. If our managers are able to find the right people the new talent will be able to be flexible in numerous areas of the business which should cut cost on training. The new employees will work in different departments as needed. This plan should cut cost on training. Hire Yourself or Outsource

Tanglewood should begin to outsource for new employees. A vendor that specializes in selection will do a better job with recruiting new employees. The vendor will also be able to verify we are abiding by all equal opportunity laws. External or Internal Hiring

It would be better for Tanglewood to hire internally. Hiring internally will not only help to build lasting relationships with our current employees, it will also help with employee morale. Promoting within the company will also help to keep cost down on training new employees. Core or Flexible Workforce

It would be best to use a core workforce. Having regular employees will help the business by having familiar faces to help assist customers. It is also the base for external hiring. Hire or Retain

Tanglewood should do a mixture of hiring and retaining. As a business we do not want a lot of turnover, so retaining employees would be smart, but when needed we will hire new employees. An analysis should be done to determine a good mix of the two.

National of Global
Tanglewood for the most part should stay national. When needed, we will go global to outsource. Outsourcing should not been done when it comes to our customer service, technical support database management. Attract or Relocate

It would be better to attract than to relocate. It would be least expensive for the company to do this. We at Tanglewood should be an attractive place to work.

Overstaff or Understaff
Overstaffing would be better than understaffed. Overstaffing may occur when there are dips in demand for the organization’s products or...
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