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Case study 2

Determining future human resource requirements
Future HR requirements represent the number and types of employees that the organization will need in the future to produce its goods and services. The requirements represent the organizations desired work force of the future. Statistical techniques like Ratio analysis and regression analysis are generally used to forecast HR requirements. In this case study the estimates for coming year's labor requirement is identical to the current year because of stability of the store. Therefore they need 1200 individuals to work as shift leaders, 850 individuals as department manager, 150 individuals as Assistant store manager, 50 individuals as store manager for the coming year. 2. Determining future human resource availabilities

Availability projections focus on the organization's current internal workforce. Their concern is with estimating the numbers and types of current employees that will be available in the future. More specifically, these estimates are concerned with the loss or exit of employees from the organization, the resulting distribution of employees who remain within the organization's internal labor market and the number of accessions during the planning time frame.

Transition probability matrixCurrent year
Previous year1Store associate0.430.
2Shift leader0.000.540.
3Department manager0.000.000.640.060.000.30
4Assistant store manager0.
5Store manager0.

Forecast of availabilitiesNext year(projected)
Current Workforce(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)Exit
Previous year1Store associate850036555100004335
2Shift leader1200064819200360
3Department manager85000544510255
4Assistant store manager150909781251
5Store manager5000003317

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