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Staffing Strategy
1.) Acquire or Develop

Tangle wood is a primarily a general retail outlet with so many branches stores in different country. I recommend that instead of developing talent, well its better if we will focuses on acquiring it.Tanglewood should take on the talent development approach. Acquiring from within is always a good way to maintain a productive workforce. Tanglewood should take into consideration that potential employees for managerial position should be well-trained since these employees have already passionately worked for them for a year or more. These employees are determined to perform their tasks well. Because I believe that when the employees notice that there were chances for advancement ,through this they will become more motivated in achieving the goal of the organization. Lastly the company wants the employees to have self-sufficient, think that they are managers,through this there will be change vision of the organization.

2.) Short-term or Long-term focus
Tanglewood has a well establish Human Resources structure.We know that our competitors would only be benefited if Tanglewood did not have EEO(Equal Employment Oppurrunities.)As I understand the Employement system of Tanglewood I recommend that hiring would bring in fresh and new ideas and this might be helpful in improving process and techniques in the organization. Tanglewood’s goals include further expansion and attract more investors. Referring to Tanglewood’s profit ratios, the company is above the industry average, which means it can compete among the different firms in the retail industry. Another point is that the policies of different businesses vary especially when hiring or acquiring its employees. There are different pros/cons in making the employees stay for a short-term or contractual basis and for long-term.

3.) External or Internal Hiring
Reading from Tanglewood’s philosophy, culture, and values, it was clearly stated that the company sees the values of its employees. I recommend that Tanglewood should conduct internal hiring since people coming from different culture and value will surely affect the management and workplace. When job vacancies occur or new jobs are created.

4.) Core or Flexible Workforce

According to the case study, “All employees, full or part time, are members of the core work force. Tanglewood does not extensively use a flexible workforce, such as temporary employees. The organization’s core workforce is made up of individuals who are viewed (and view themselves) as regular employees of the organization, either full-time or part-time. They are central to the core goods and services delivered by the organization.I recommend that Tanglewood should focus on a core workforce in selecting its employees since the company’s philosophy aims to have a team effort among all department stores. If Tanglewood would be implementing a flexible workforce, it would be very difficult for them to establish rapport since they are only employed temporarily or for a short period of time.

5.) Hire or Retain

There are trade-offs between hiring and retention strategies for staffing. At one extreme the organization can accept whatever level of turnover occurs and simply hire replacements to fill the vacancies.I recommend that Tanglewood should focus on retaining its employees. Since it is ideal for Tanglewood to develop its talents,and focus on the core workforce Since these employees are trained already from the time they were selected, they should be given further trainings or activities that would help them develop their abilities, skills, and talents instead of hiring new ones. It would be very difficult for Tanglewood to be consistent in instilling its culture and values if there is a high turnover rate.

6.) National or Global
An organization can choose to staff itself with people from within its borders, or it can supplement or replace such recruitment with employees...
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