Tangled: Woman and Rapunzel

Topics: Rapunzel, English-language films, Woman Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: December 7, 2012
For many years women have watched or read a fairytale at some point in their childhood. Author Marcia Lieberman discusses the negative qualities about these fairytales in her essay “Some Day My Prince Will Come”. She shows how girls want to be like these princesses by wanting to be pretty and seeing ugly as intolerable or evil. In the new Disney film Tangled, although they did improve, they still possess many negative qualities that older fairytales have. Princess Rapunzel was taken from the king and queens castle by mother Gothel. Rapunzel possessed the power, in her long blonde hair, to keep mother Gothel young. She is kept away from the world in a tall tower hidden away. Every year on her birthday, Rapunzel sees magical lights floating in the air. On her 18th birthday she decides she wants to go see the lights. A young thief named Flynn Rider enters into her life when he decides to hide from guards in her tower. He promises to take her to the lights. They set out on their journey and on the way Flynn and Rapunzel start having feelings for each other. Despite the progression Tangled did make, it still maintains many negative gender role examples such as being beautiful, women being passive, and the need to get married and become wealthy.

Tangled demonstrates to its young viewers that one of the most important things in life is to be beautiful. One example of this is Rapunzel herself; she is a young, attractive blond girl with huge sparkling green eyes. Besides her physical beauty she also possesses inner beauty such as her love and kindness for everything and everybody. In the movie everybody loves her and she loves them back. As in the older fairytales, the leading female character is Beautiful, young, and kind. Lieberman quotes in her essay “…focus on beauty as a girls most valuable asset” (Lieberman Paragraph 2). This quote says that due to fairytales, young girls have reason to believe that if they are beautiful, a young prince will sweep...
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