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  • Published: November 10, 2013
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Tangled is an animated fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Tangled is based loosely around the popular children’s fairy tale: Rapunzel. The film tells a story about a kidnapped princess, with extremely long magical hair, who desires to leave her tower to see floating lanterns that occur once a year on her birthday. Against her mothers wishes she accepts the support of intruder who goes by the name Flynn Rider, who takes her out into the world she has never seen before. With the help of a befriended ex-military horse, Maximus, Flynn escapes from his captors to save the princess from her evil kidnapper, mother Gothel. As Flynn reaches the princess’ tower mother Gothel fatally wounds him with a knife but with his last remaining seconds, cuts through the hair of Rapunzel, successfully nulling the magical properties in the hair. Gothel screams and falls out of the window turning to dust before hitting to ground. Crying, Rapunzel cradles Flynn in her arms and cries, a stray tear falling onto Flynn’s face, still containing healing properties, the tear revives him. They return to the kingdom and the film ends with Flynn telling the audience that all of the thugs, from the inn, had all gotten their dreams, he had readopted his real name and that he and Rapunzel had gotten married and lived a happy life after.

Maximus, Il Capitano
In the movie, Tangled, Maximus, the horse, can be compared with the Commedia Del’Arte character, Il Capitano. The bravado that Maximus exudes throughout the film is very similar to that of Il Capitano. If you go back in time, the mighty Captain was the greatest warrior known to the world as well as the greatest womaniser. The Captain is very much like a peacock, strutting around much like Maximus in Tangled. One of the first times we meet Maximus, he is standing atop a small cliff with overhanging trees creating the setting with sun shining through the canopy. The animators make it seem like he is from...
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