Tangerine: Hero and Mrs. Fisher

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Tangerine Essay

Heroism is a role model and someone who helps others with out personal gain or need, and they show support. Tangerine by Edward Bloor contains characters that are heroes and non-heroes. Paul Fisher is a hero while his brother, Erik, is not and Mrs. Fisher also has traits of heroism.

Paul Fisher is a hero because he puts others before himself despite personal danger and because he does the right thing without need for personal gain. Paul helps people during the sinkhole incident at lake Windser Middle School. He saves other classmates and teachers from the portable classrooms, ensuring their safety (80). This shows Paul is brave and willing to protect his classmates in a horrible accident. Besides the sinkhole, Paul aids to the Cruz family during the freeze. He brings wood to Luis and chopped ice off trees, doing whatever they could to get a majority of them saved (214, 215). Paul helps the Cruz family without being asked to. He lies to his mom so she would let him stay and help (210, 213). Paul was committed to save the tangerine trees of Tangerine. Since Paul is friendly to people, he always has his friends backs and he understands them. Paul defended fire fighter Wayne when Mr. Fisher strongly complained about his unprofessional appearance (22). Paul figured that Wayne didn’t deserve a complaint when he knew what he was talking about. Paul also gave Joey Costello advice to move schools and become a War Eagle (121). Joey took the advice and moved schools, and he joined their soccer team. Paul didn’t want Joey to be unhappy with his new school hours, so he suggested Tangerine High. Paul looks out for his friends and is very encouraging.

Besides Paul Fisher being a hero, his mom, Mrs. Fisher, also shows examples of heroism. Mrs. Fisher is a helpful citizen and cares about everyone’s safety. She hosts a parent gathering to discuss their sons’ football practice times (54- 55). Mrs. Fisher tries changing practice times so no other...
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