Tang Dynasty

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1.This brings me to the topic of my presentation, “The History of Printing in Ancient China”.

2.During the course of presentation, I would make an effort to appraise the house about “The History of Printing in Ancient China”. I would also discuss the reasons why printing was invented and give an overview of importance of printing to Buddhism and Confucianism. Commercial uses for printing will also be highlighted.

Sequence of Presentation
3.Sequence of presentation is as shown on the view file.

4.How should one interpret one of China’s most memorable dynasties? The Tang dynasty is one of China’s most remarkable and glistening historic periods known today. The Tang dynasty established a strong centralized state system, starting in 618 after the fall of the Sui dynasty in the early seventeenth century. Although the early Tang monarchs were good rulers over all, one emperor in particular parts from the group. “Li Shih-min” who would assume the title of T’ai-tsung. T’ai-tsung was the son of the first emperor in the Tang dynasty Gaozu. He was a bold, energetic, and powerful emperor that was determined to solve the international problems that had destroyed past weaker dynasties. T’ai-tsung was responsible for the recreation of Chinese government. (“quote source”) According to “source 1” at the top of the hierarchy was the emperor; below him were three administrations; council of the state, military affairs, and the censorate. The most important out of the three was the council of the state, which drafted policy, reviewed policy, and implemented policy. The military affairs directed the military under the control of the emperor. The censorate watched over the government and the government officials to prevent misgoverning and corruption. The new government policies set into place that T’ai-tsung had ingeniously derived led to the central state system working. The geographical area of the Tang Empire stretched across a vast part of China. Chang’an was the western capitol of the Tang dynasty, and became a centralized meeting place for traders, merchants, artist, and religious leaders. Chang’an became one of the richest and most powerful cities in the world at that time. The Tang dynasty flourished in part due to the new economic and trading ties with different regions. Trade was possible because the government maintained good foreign trade relation. The Tang Empire traded with India, Middle East, and Central Asia. Silk road connected Chang’an to Greece, Rome, and parts of Europe. This highway brought new products of trade to the countries which included silk, tea, herbs, spices and hand crafted items. The Tang dynasty is responsible for many great things, the dynasty had several world changing inventions, famous literature, and changing religious movements that would spark a revolution that would forever change the way Chinese people interacted and lived within society. One reason that the Tang Dynasty is known for being one of the best empires in Chinese history is because of the brilliant and world changing inventions that some of the greater minds in that era created, forever changing the way people lived. Inventions are essential for ever changing technologic advances towards a greater way of life and the Chinese understood this concept with the invention of making paper, gunpowder, printing technique and compass. All of which were not completely new concepts but the Tang Dynasty found ways to improve some of the already thought of inventions. The invention of paper making greatly contributed to the spread and development of civilization. Prior to the invention of paper making; bones, tortoise shells, and bamboo slips were all used as writing surfaces. As Chinese civilization developed the usage of their materials proved to be unsuitable, because they were extremely too heavy and took up a lot of space. The next material used in trying to make paper was the...
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