Tang Dynasty

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1. The first thing I noticed that was similar in the writings of these three poets was they all wrote about nature. Wei, for example, mentions nature in every poem that I read. He writes “Ancient trees, the last withered willows.” in Meng Wall Cove (Line 2) and “Man at leisure, cassia flowers fall. The night still, spring mountain empty. The moon emerges, startling mountain birds: At times they call within the spring valley.” in Bird Call Valley. Bo writes, “I raise my cup to invite the moon. He and my shadow and I make three.” in Drinking Alone with the Moon (Lines 3-4) and also “Peach blossoms flow downstream, leaving no trace- And there are other earths and skies than these.” in Question and Answer in the Mountains (Lines 3-4). Fu mentions, “Gems of dew wilt and wound the maple trees in the wood:” from Autumn Meditation (Line 1). Another similarity I found was the writing of feeling alone or saying goodbye to loved ones. Wei writes “And inquire where you are going. You say you did not achieve your wishes” in Farewell (Lines 2-3). Bo writes, “I drink alone, no friend with me.” in Drinking Alone with the Moon (Line 2). He also has poems titled Farewell to a Friend and In the Quiet Night, which leave me with a slight sadness. Fu writes “The bleached ungathered bones lie year on year. New ghosts complain, and those who died before Weep in the wet gray sky and haunt the ear.” in Ballad of the Army Carts (Lines 34-36). There are also ways that the works of the poets are significantly different. For example, the longest of Wei’s poems are only eight lines while the majority of Bo and Fu’s poems are significantly longer. Wei also has more poems about nature like Meng Wall Cove, Deer Enclosure, Sophora Path, Lake Yi, Bamboo Lodge and Bird Call Valley. Bo’s work seems to be more about everyday life things with poems like Drinking Alone with the Moon, The Road to Shu is Hard, Bring in the Wine, Listening to a Monk from Shu Playing the Lute and Question and Answer in the...
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