Tan Hiep Phat Case Study

Topics: Tea, Customer service, Customer Pages: 12 (4332 words) Published: December 10, 2012
An Objective
Corporate Communication Assignment
(Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group – Dr.Thanh)

Presented to
The Faculty of the Department of Commerce
Raffles International College
Ho Chi Minh City

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements
For the Course Corporate Communication

Bach Phuong Chi
Nguyen Dang Quang

Executive Summary
Tan Hiep Phat was established in 1994 and its precursor being Ben Thanh beer and beverage workshop and it has become the very strong beverage group in Vietnam with the healthful products. And THP’s product achieved many awards and also matching with ISO integrated standards: Quality Management system according to the standard ISO 9001:2000 (1999), Environment Management system according to the standard ISO 14001:2004 (2006) and Food Safety and Hygiene Management system according to the standard HACCP (2006). The products of THP are the healthier products such as Khong Do (Zero degree) green tea, Dr.Thanh herbal tea or newly I-kun carbonate green tea. And the objective of the company is to produce the best beverage products and become the leading of the healthful products in the beverage market. And the wide system of distribution channels is covering all 64 cities and provinces of Vietnam.

Table of Contents
Constituency Responses:9
Conduct an Identity Audit10
Identity Objectives:11
Develop Designs12
Develop Prototypes13
Launch and Communicate:14
Implement the Program:15

Dr.Thanh is the best product of THP and THP believes that Dr.Thanh will bring the very successful in the healthful beverage products. But one of THP authorized dealer was complain us about the problem with the batch of Dr.Thanh. The authorized dealer is Thai Lan Company. They said that 120 cases which mean 3000 PET bottles of Dr.Thanh have muddy and strange things inside the bottles. After received the complaint from Thai Lan Company, THP sent our representative to contact and deal with the problem about the cases of Dr.Thanh. But Thai Lan Company did not accept our recommendation and they ask us to compensate for the damage that Thai Lan Company got from the batch of goods that they export to Cambodia. The money that they ask us to compensate is around 2 billion Vietnam dongs. So we asked Thai Lan Company give back the batch of goods that have bad quality. But Thai Lan rejected require. And that is the reason why we need to deal with Thai Lan Company to fix the problem and also we need to rebuild again Dr.Thanh brand in the customer minds.

To deal with the problem that THP Group is facing up to the public opinion. We set up the objective for Dr.Thanh is achieving to soften the situation, rebuild and develop the Dr.Thanh brand. First of all, THP Group should contact with the Thai Lan Company to recall 120 cases with 3000 PET bottles that have problem with bad quality. It will affect to the reputation and turnovers of the company but we need to have the damage survey to know exactly that how much money that we lose it these case. When this problem happened, we also sent our representative come to Thai Lan to discuss the problem and try as much as we can to recall the cases. But actually, Thai Lan Company does not agreed with our recommendation. We understand that 120 cases of Dr.Thanh cause loss and damage to Thai Lan Company and also THP Group. That is the reason why we try our best to contact with Thai Lan Company to recall the cases to find out the problem and published the disclaimer on the newspaper. After much hard bargaining, Thai Lan Company accepts with THP Group’s bargaining policy. Following the policy, if Dr.Thanh pet bottles get the poor quality during the process, THP will contract indemnity for Thai Lan Company. When we recall 120 cases with 3000 PET bottles of Dr.Thanh, the testing and development department will take the sample from those...
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