Tammy Project

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Kalynn Mullinnix
Sociology 101

Helping Tammy Project

Federal Pell Grants is one way that Tammy could afford to go back to school. The grant would help her with paying for classes as well as for books that she might need. Another thing about Pell grants that would help her out is that she still has kids that live in the house and Pell grants would help with housing and food money for her and her family. Scholarships are another way that could possible help out with paying for school, or even bills, and she wouldn’t have to worry about paying any of it back.

Salvation Army could help with clothing, as well as health care. Salvation Army also helps with one month of utilities and rent if she ever needed the help to pay her bills, if she could not work for a period of time due to illness. They offer furniture if she should ever need it. They help with tax filing so that she wouldn’t have to pay someone to do them for her. They could also help her find another job if she need to, possible a better job that would give her a better pay. If she needed the extra money she could also donate blood.

Churches could help with clothing as well as possibly help fix her car so that she could get to work without walking 10 miles in the rain or in 3 plus feet of snow, which in the long run could make her very ill. The church could also help with new and slightly used furniture, as well as re-carpeting her mobile home. The church could even help with finding a job after she was done with school, or maybe even give her a job teaching Sunday school after church. Some churches even offer daycare and preschool programs that could give her that better job than the one she has at Burger King.

Weatherization projects helps with improving the quality of a persons house. The program would help with providing a water heater for the house so that maybe she could have hot running water to bath the kids in as well as hot water to clean clothing with. The...
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