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Tamkeen was established in August 2006 as part of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, and is tasked with supporting Bahrain’s private sector and positioning it as the key driver of economic development.

Tamkeen’s two primary objectives are: 1) Fostering the creation and development of enterprises, and 2) Providing support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises and individuals.

Under each of those objectives, a number of mechanisms and programmes have been identified based on detailed studies of the labour market to identify current and future gaps for individuals and enterprises and how to address them.

As of December 2011, Tamkeen is injecting more than BD 166 million into the private sector through its programmes, targeting and benefiting more than 100,000 Bahrainis and enterprises.

Moreover, it has made in excess of BD 166 million available through its enterprise financing portfolio, and enabled over 3,000 Bahrainis find employment, and more than 1,000 enterprises to participate in leading local, regional, and international trade fairs and exhibitions.

In 2012 Tamkeen plans on launching more than 20 new initiatives. These programmes range from training to develop human capital – whether students, employees, employers, or job seekers - to match acquired skills to market requirements, and other programmes which enhance the productivity of individuals through promoting awareness of successful practices in the private sector. For enterprises, Tamkeen provides professional consulting services to raise their performance, and facilitates access to financing to bridge the enterprise financing gap. In addition, Tamkeen is also supporting and contributing to other national initiatives which enhance investments in Bahrain.

Tamkeen’s funds come from 50% of the fees collected from the Labour Market Regulatory Authority.
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