Tall Tales of the Mekung Delta

Topics: Blue, Sky, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: November 2, 2010
When they first meet, the protagonist thinks that she doesn’t “know why she bothered

talking to him” (Para. 25). Why does she talk to Lenny?

When they first meet, the protagonist thinks that she doesn’t know why she bothered

talking to him because Lenny represents addiction in her life, she saw him as undesirable and

unattractive which is how she viewed drugs after being sober for sober for five months. “He was

short, fat, pale. He had bad teeth. His hair was dirty”, this line is her first impression of how she

view Lenny. Then after he pursues her more after repeated stalking, the idea of him tempting,

as does her temptation for using does. Then later he appears at one of her meetings tan and

dressed ‘like a lawyer on his to tennis’. Because Lenny represents the essence of her addiction,

he changed to symbolize that addiction can change to fit every image to fit your need. It can

make the filthiest object seem the most majestic. This is only because her craving is erasing all of

Lenny’s faults.

2. What function does the color blue serve in this story? Where in the story does it appear?

What kinds of moments is it connected to?

The function the color blue has serves in this story is being the symbolization of the fix and

excitement an addict gets from using and doing drugs. In the story it appears after the second

meeting of Lenny, after she departs with him, ‘…luminescent with ancient fever, with promises

and bridges broken, with the harvest lost in blue flame. Always the barbarians, shooting the

children and dogs". That excerpt symbolizes the chaotic yet appealing attraction drugs give off.

Offering excitement and options and pure exhilaration, but not without the cost of suffering

which is illustrated through the picture of war.

Also it appears when she is succumbing to Lenny’s charm and suave and she is noticing

that her willfulness to stay sober is wearing down after his repeated offers to...
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