Talking During Class

Topics: Kohlberg's stages of moral development, Morality, Jean Piaget Pages: 4 (1036 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Case Study

“Talking During Lessons”

I. Introduction

“Education is key to success” is one of the particular quotes that can we seen in the classroom, different schools or universities. Home and school have an interrelated communication to each other that helps student to development, improvement to their different subjects and give an advices from the parents.

One of the mist important roles that deals teachers play is that of a classroom manager, facilitator, catalyst, evaluator to the things that students have done. Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom.

When the chaos becomes the norm, both teachers and student suffer. A well managed classroom provides an environment in which teaching and learning can flourish. A well-managed classroom does not just come out from nowhere. It takes a good deal of effort to create that conducive classroom climate. The person who is most responsible for creating it is teacher. The school is the second home of the students and the teacher is considered as the second mother that stand in the front of the class to facilitate the students. Classroom Management is not yet teaching, yet it is a pre-requisite to teaching. A classroom managers, we manage resources to facilitate learning. The time, teaching materials and the other physical features like desk and tables and the learners themselves.

The maximize instructional time: work for smooth, classroom transitions, allow for no idle, time by using fillers and remain involved with the students throughout the period. The teachers may be partly blamed the mistaken ideas about discipline which have led them to be hesitant in controlling behavior. Students self-discipline connotes internal motivation for one’s motivation and behavior. The internalization of domestic ideals and is most evident when external regulations of behavior are absent. The case study is all about “TALKING DURING CLASS” that set an common...
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