“Talk Nonsense, but Talk Your Own Nonsense, and Ill Kiss You for It. to Go Wrong in One’s Own Way Is Better Than to Go Right in Someone Else’s.”

Topics: Utopia, Thought, Human Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Live for yourself, as you deem fit. Razumihin’s “inspirational” quote while said with good intentions is idiotic. Being wrong in your own eyes is failure. Failure is not an option when all people think the same. If all people desire the same things, utopia is an easily achieved feat. A true utopian society would purge against free thought. No one would question authority because authority would mirror the entire population’s single list of desires. A society where everyone has their wants and needs met while fighting and crime are a matter of fiction, is ideal for the world’s survival. Free thought is the root of all problems. Consider the current case of the college application process. One is asked a series of questions asking about their race, personal life, and extracurricular activities. This application, for many, is a key to reaching the dreams that one has had for so long. However, these dreams can easily be crushed. A college has the ability to say no to those they dub as not good enough. In a utopian world, this would never happen. There would be 1 college, The University of Man, and since everyone has the exact same thought processes and skills, either no one or everyone is accepted. The acceptance of worldwide education can only lead to a flourishing future full of outstanding technological advancements. A society full of single wave lengthed geniuses could make anything they desired. Another problem with free thought is that it leads to a sense of elitism. Looking back at human history, elitism has always been present. One tribe would attacks another, one race travels to a foreign land to kidnaps another to force into slavery, and mass genocides executed to purge the planet of unwanted scum have all taken place far too many times. A society of equals would never cause a holocaust of their fellow man. The utopians would coexist to achieve humanities maximum potential. Seven billion, one hundred percent efficient, identically thinking people would be...
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