Taliban vs Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Topics: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kabul Pages: 3 (1162 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Taliban Regime Vs the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is a mountainous land-locked country, which is one of the central Asian countries. In addition, it is an Islamic country that Islam religion has played a significant role in governing it. In Afghanistan Many governments had been changed in past several decades. For instance, the Kingdom of Amanullah Khan, the Kingdom of Mohammad Nadir Shah, Mohammad Zahir Shah, The Communist Regimes, the Islamic State of Afghanistan, Taliban Regime, Interim Government, Transitional Government, and the Islamic Republic Governments. As most of us agree that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan changed very much in contrast to passed governments, especially Taliban Regime. This piece of writing concentrates on similarities and differences of Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The similarities are fewer among the mentioned governments; however, the differences between them are several. First the similarities will be discussed; secondly the differences will be pointed. The first similarity between these two governments is that in Taliban Regime laws and regulations of Islam was implemented and maintained in according with Sharia’s laws. It always tried to carry on the Islamic laws on people and disputes. There were three types of courts such as, Primary Court, Appealing Court, and Supreme Court. In a similar way, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is also trying to implement Islamic rules and regulations. It is also seeking to help people by solving the disputes by carrying on the rules of Islam. For solving the cases and disputes, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is structured three types of courts, for instance, Primary Court, Appealing Court, and Supreme Court. Another likeness between Taliban Regime and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the centrality of government in Kabul. From the first invasion that Taliban did, they had the plan take the control over Kabul, after capturing the...
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