Tales of Lobes- Ceyx and Alcyone

Topics: Marriage, Love, Family Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Tales of Lobes- Ceyx and Alcyone
Alcyone and Ceyx, were a married couple who shared a deep love for each other. Both of them came from high descent. Ceyx, king of Thessaly, was the son of the angel Lucifer, the bearer of light. Alcyone’s father, Aeolus, was king of of the winds. Since the day they found each other they were inseparable, madly in love and they would never be willingly apart. Until one day Ceyx decided he would travel across the seas to consult the oracle. When Alcyone discovered what he was planning to do she was grief-stricken. She was very scared, as she had seen the terrors of the sea from her father’s palace. The wind storms would overtake the men’s ships, and would never return back. Ceyx loved Alcyone deeply, just as much as he loved her, but he needed council from the oracle and would not listen to her. So he set off, only to have his ship overthrown by the wild winds of the seas that very night. Alcyone did not know this, she kept on counting the days he was gone until he should have returned. She prayed to the Gods that he would return safely, mostly to Juno. Juno heard these yearns, and was touched by her love for her long dead husband. Wanting to let her know she summoned her messenger, Iris, to go to the God of sleep and have him send a dream to Alcyone. While sleeping Alcyone dreamt that her husband had drowned with his boat. She decides that if her husband isn’t alive then she doesn’t want to be either. She runs to the shore to realize Ceyx was floating toward her, dead. As she runs out to him, she suddenly transforms into a bird. Along side him, who had also turned into a bird they fly away together.
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