Talentship and Hr Measures

Topics: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Education, Contextual Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The purpose of the essay will be to introduce the delivery methods of Transition Educational Event workshop program using the theme from Barbazette, (2006) Contextual Analysis checklist questions. The content for the program is concerned with an educational workshop that will incorporate some of the elements from the module themes. The summary statement will describe if the contextual analysis appear to be a productive fit for achieving both learning goals and organizational goals.

Contextual Analysis
The purpose of the essay will introduce the delivery method of Transition Educational Event workshop program approach that fit best for gaining the transition services knowledge and procedures of routine learning know-how. Using the content from Barbazette (2006), Tool 9.1, Contextual Analysis Checklist: How the training be delivered, is through large groups. There will be three sessions per day, three days per week giving a total of nine hours per week for sixteen weeks. In addition, there will be a blending of formats including (1) awareness, (2) instructional /procedural information and (3) hands-on learning (skill building). The primary process pertains to the instructional information format that aims to share guidelines for developing instruction and interventions concerning the routines duties of the transition services offered to special needs individuals. Where will training be delivered? The transition workshop will consist of different school sites involved with the organization and synchronous training sessions at sites of the Organization however, one area where participants can establish a collaborative arrangement with students and parents is preparing them to be in the Physical/ Virtual classrooms. Older students may have concerns about being placed in such a setting. Teachers should identify the concerns that students have and discuss ways to address the concerns. There are a number of technology –based...
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