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Talented Mr Ripley

By | December 2011
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Erica Parrish
Clothing and People 2420
Film Evaluation
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Have you ever thought that being a fake somebody would be better then a real nobody or maybe one day get the opportunity to live a lifestyle you always dreamed of living so people would love you? Well this opportunity was giving to a young man name Tom Ripley and he was offered a award for accomplishing a big task. The Talented Mr. Ripley began at a reception in New York City where Tom Ripley was playing the piano. In the beginning Tom was talking about how he wished he could borrow a jacket. Once he was finished playing the piano a couple by the name Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf approched him and noticed he went to Princeton with their son Dickie Greenleaf. Tom had on a blue tuxedo jacket with a red, yellow and black smybol on the left pocket, that he borrowed from a fellow friend that hurt his wrist and couldn't play the piano. After the reception was over Tom returned the jacket to his friend and rushed to his job. He wore a fresh white tuxedo jacket with a burgandy and gold collar decoration with the word AGE printed in gold and black dress pants. It appeared that his job was catering to men by brushing off their suits as the were preparing to leave the bathroom. Toms character caused him to have to change his wardrob close to sixteen times but they were all the same clothes until he played the role of Dickie Greenleaf. His wardrob consisted of a brown leather man bag, olive cordaroy jacket with blue slacks, black pen stripe tuxedo , short sleeve checkerboard button up, bright yellpw spankys at the beach, a white and blue solid button ups, plaid carolina blue and navy shorts. I noticed that everyday Tom wore a suit or a suit jacket expecially for a night out at the Hot Jazz Vessuviro and San Remo club in Rome. Once he switched his role to posing as Dickie his wardrob change to a new black tuxedo with a white casual button up and a black bow tie for the oprah, navy blue...

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