Talent Planning Within an Organisation

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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Unit 5 Resourcing Talent
Talent Planning within an Organisation

Recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting a capable person for a specific job. This short report will look at factors which may affect recruitment within an organisation, different recruitment and selection methods, workforce diversity and the induction process.

When attracting talent the approach of organisations can differ entirely depending on certain issues such as: Funding – this controls all aspects of advertising from hiring agencies or running an advertisement. Initially the funds also need to be there to accommodate another employee. Culture – this will direct any advertisement as the nature of the job or company needs to be present within the job specification and selection method, for example retail roles will focus more on customer service and ‘people’ skills. Size – the size of company will reflect in the size of the recruitment campaign or process. Research shows that smaller organisation have a lower number in staff turnover. This could be due to smaller companies not having the funds to accommodate regular recruitment so work hard to keep and develop their existing staff skill and abilities. Political – political or environmental factors could affect an organisation approach to talent resourcing. With the current economy situation companies are having to hire one person to fill multiple roles or duties opposed to hiring multiple people. This has resulted in redundancies, fewer jobs out there creating more competition amongst job seekers and companies. Encouraging diversity is becoming increasingly important for businesses and society. It carries many benefits. A business must comply with the Equality Act 2010, where for example, nobody should be discriminated against for their race, religion, gender, age or sexuality. So one reason to employ a diverse workforce is simply to comply with the law. Having a diverse workforce with...
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