Talent Management at Infosys

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Introduction to Talent Management

In today‘s challenging business environment of going global and competition becoming intense, organizations have mounting pressure to perform better than before. Over the years, creation and preservation of knowledge has become a key tool in accelerating competitiveness and enhancing organizational capabilities to respond to market changes wherein employees‘skills and personalities are appropriately deployed to optimize performance, is a critical and difficult task. Furthermore, identifying and developing executives who have leadership potential, like every other vital strategic function, is a demanding process that is equal parts of Arts and Science. Not only Software and BPO Companies, no organization can rest in peace under the assumption that once they have recruited the employee in place, their job is done. The real challenge that is faced by these industries is not hiring the right person for the right job, neither their Performance Management System, nor their Work Climate nor Culture, but in retaining the employee. It is proven beyond argument that it is the people who make or break the organization. Managing the talent of key employees is critical to achieve the success in long-term by any organization. Talent management involves individual and organizational development in response to a changing and complex operating environment. It includes the creation and

Talent in general terms refers to the capabilities, skills or the art, a person possess in a particular field. It also refers to those people who have high potential, scarce knowledge and skill or who can successfully bring about transformation and change in the organization. Such individuals are usually sought after in the market and their contributions to the business add direct value to its strategic or competitive positioning. Coming to the word Talent Management in an Organisation, it refers to those special steps an organization adopts to recruit, develop and retain its pool of top talent. Talent Management also denotes a deliberate approach taken up by an organization to attract, develop and retain people with the aptitude and abilities to meet not only the current requirements but also future organizational needs. In today’s talent-hungry market scenario, one of the greatest challenges that organizations are facing is to successfully attract, assess, train and retain talented employees. Talent Management encompasses in itself the entire process of Planning, Recruiting, Developing, Managing, and Compensating employees throughout the organization. Organizations have realized the need for talent management and are now focusing to develop and retain the existing talent in their organization rather than trying to acquire a new talent because the cost of identifying, developing and retaining the talent internally is more cost effective instead of replacing the talent which is lost from external market. Though it may appear initially that in the process of retaining talent, we are spending more in terms of increased wages, rewards and recognition, when we practically analyze, the cost of acquiring a new talent is higher. Apart from higher cost of acquiring the new talent it has to additionally face the initial hiccups of this new employee getting along with the organisational goals and strategies. Every business unit is making sure that they can respond and withstand the challenges of talent crisis by developing an effective talent management strategy like identifying the key talented people in the organization, cultivating anddeveloping the skill of their present workforce and retaining highly talented employees by protecting them from competitors

Talent management is a term that emerged in the 1990s to incorporate developments in Human Resources Management which placed more of an emphasis on the management of human resources or talent. The term was coined by David Watkins of Softscape published in...
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