Talent Management

Topics: Management, Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: January 16, 2010
Talent management
IT TAKES Talent to spot Talent! A tone deaf will never be able to appreciate the music of maestros. Only a seasoned jeweller would know that all that glitters is not real! And, only those who can recognise the worth of a diamond can value it, for others it's just a stone! Talent is doing easily what others find difficult. In an organisation, there is nothing more crucial than fitting the right employee in the right position. Or else you would be trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. When people do jobs that just don't suit their liking, inclination or temperament, the results, or rather the lack of them, will be disastrously obvious. Low productivity, dissatisfaction, low morale, absenteeism and other negative behaviour will become typical till the employee is shown the door. Or perhaps, there is another option - Talent Management. Talent management implies recognising a person's inherent skills, traits, personality and offering him a matching job. Every person has a unique talent that suits a particular job profile and any other position will cause discomfort. It is the job of the Management, particularly the HR Department, to place candidates with prudence and caution. A wrong fit will result in further hiring, re-training and other wasteful activities. No matter how inspiring the Leaders are, they are only as effective as their team. A team's output is healthy only if the members are in sync. To achieve such harmony, the key ingredient is "putting the right people in the right jobs". While there is no magic formula to manage talent, the trick is to locate it and encourage it. Talent Management is beneficial to both the organisation and the employees. The organisation benefits from: Increased productivity and capability; a better linkage between individuals' efforts and business goals; commitment of valued employees; reduced turnover; increased bench strength and a better fit between people's jobs and skills. Employees benefit...
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