Talent Incentive Strategy Based on Epc Projects of Electricity Industry in China

Topics: Project management, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Construction Pages: 7 (2054 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Topic: Talent incentive strategy based on EPC projects of electricity industry in China


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economic construction, more and more companies vigorously implement reform from simple design business to EPC projects multi-functional business in order to more quickly integrate with the international engineering organization model. The electricity industry of China is one of the industries which implement EPC contracting business earlier. Domestic EPC contracting enterprises of electric power industry are usually transformed from design institute. EPC project is an elongation and development of design work. It is a new attempt and huge challenge and is necessary to our own strategy development and the market competition. In order to complete the transformation from design institute to EPC contracting enterprise, something must be reformed such as organizational structure, business processes and human resources. A wealth of studies, exploration and practice work about organizational structure and business processes have been done in recent years. Consequently effective implementation has been conducted. However, it is stagnant in the aspects of employment mechanism and the distribution system result in the lower work enthusiasm on staff engaged in the EPC projects, and even worse complaining and slacking off have happened.

Staff motivation is the eternal topic, to effectively mobilize the potential of employees, to enable them to give full play to their enthusiasm and creativity, and promote the successful implementation of the EPC projects; all these factors constitute the purpose of the research. This dissertation which based on the characteristics of EPC projects and the human resource management status will analyze the reasons of low work enthusiasm on staff engaged in the EPC projects, and explore suitable staff incentive mechanism of EPC projects. The research objective is through the successful practice of staff incentive mechanism to improve staff morale and enthusiasm so that contributing to the smooth and successful implementation of the EPC projects.

Considering the keywords EPC project management; Motivation theory; electricity industry in China that emerged from the topic, I have decided to study this subject through this problematic: QUESTION: How can talent incentive tactics help a design institute to transform to EPC contracting enterprise? The case study of NCPE, Beijing, China

Case company will be North China Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd (Referred to as NCPE) which is an integrated enterprise, originating from a design institute, has multiple functions with design, procurement and construction (www.ncpe.com.cn).

1. Literature Review Background, Key Word #1 * EPC project management

Project Delivery System (PDS) describe how the project stakeholders are organized to transforming and interact the client’s objectives and goals into finished facilities (ASCE,2003). A wide range of researches has been conducted on PDSs in general. The most commonly discussed PDSs are design bid build (DBB), design-build (DB), engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), Turnkey, construction management (CM ), project management contracting (PMC), project management(PM) and combinations of two or more of the above PDSs. Miller et al. (2000) provided definitions of common PDSs. The results of survey and analysis show that design-bid-build (DBB)/project management (DBB+PM), design-build (DB)/engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)/Turnkey, multi-stage DB/EPC and EP+C are commonly used in China(Yong Qiang, Huanqing, Wenxue&Ning, 2010).

EPC is a common form of contracting arrangement within the construction industry. EPC contract, which means project contractor implement the project design, procurement and construction work in accordance with the contract agreed, is the main stream of the project management models in the world...
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