Talent Acquisition at an Engineering Consulting Firm

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Talent Acquisition Project|
Junior Engineer|
For: Dr. Allan MacKenzie, HRM 8060Conestoga College|
Sandra Alder|

This paper is an outline of the entire recruitment and selection process – from planning, analyses, marketing, tools, etc in order to hire a Junior Engineer at RWDI. |

RWDI (Rowan Williams Davies and Irwin) is an engineering consulting firm located in Guelph, Ontario, specializing in environmental design issues. Their multidisciplinary expertise supports all stages of the consulting process: from the pre-concept design and design development, through construction and occupancy. Founded in 1972, RWDI employs approximately 400 people globally, establishing offices in the countries that it has secured projects in. Even in these challenging economic conditions the company is still looking to hire, especially engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit. The goal is to maintain a controlled growth that includes growing revenues by about 15% per year. Because of this growth, there is an ongoing requirement to hire entry-level Junior and Intermediate Engineers. More senior positions are usually hired from within, offering new employees the opportunity for career advancement. In my position as the Human Resources Manager, I need to ensure that the hiring process for these positions coincides with our corporate mission while remaining objective, legal, and valid. RWDI has developed a competitive advantage through the talent we have been able to attract, and will remain as a global leader by staying true to the values established over 35 years ago.


The initial task required in formulating the recruitment and selection process is to complete an organizational analysis of RWDI. The completion of this analysis will set the foundation for the steps involved in the hiring process of an entry-level engineer.

In the early years of RWDI, a corporate character evolved, that “appreciated innovative thinking, the value of a dollar, listening to clients, responsiveness, and, above all, its hard-working people. These traits are still the foundation of the company’s culture” and are demonstrated by our most successful employees.

To maintain and enhance our competitive position, an extensive Job Analysis has been conducted within the Engineering Departments. RWDI’s expert human resources were surveyed and interviewed to identify twenty core competencies required by various levels within the organization. From this list, job descriptions and accountability factors have been created to outline the level of competency required for each position. The twenty core competencies are listed in Table 1. The Job Description for a Junior Engineer, developed from this list, is provided in Table 2. Seven competencies have been identified for this group and will be evaluated throughout the interview process. The candidate(s) having the highest scores based on these competencies will be offered a position with RWDI. Scores in the other 13 areas will be considered to ‘break a tie’ between candidates if only one position is available.

TABLE 1: Core Competencies at RWDI|
Business AcumenThe ability to view RWDI’s operations and goals thought the lens of the broader business world. Applies business knowledge and experience to maximize success in a global market.Coaching and Developing OthersFosters the long-term development, and success of others, balancing individuals’ aspirations and strengths with the skills and expertise needed by RWDI to achieve successful business outcomes. Requires a genuine intent to help others learn and grow professionally.CollaborationThe desire and ability to work cooperatively with others, to be part of a group, to work together, as opposed to working separately or competitively.Commitment to RWDIThe ability and willingness to align one’s own behaviour with the core values, needs, priorities, and goals of RWDI. It involves acting in...
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