Tale of Two Poems

Topics: Poetry, Maya Angelou, Difference Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Nyssa Steele
Eng 101

The Tale Of Two Poems

The two poems "Woman work" written by Maya Angelou and "Lore" written by R.S Thomas have similarities and differences that occur in these poems. Why did they occur? To explain quotations from each poem will used. Both the poems are about work but have different moods and views on work. Both poems are about work, but have very different views on work. In "Woman work" the narrator seems very busy and has no time to do anything. At the start of the poem there is a list of things to do such as: "The floor to mop, Clothes to fold". The narrator of "Woman work" doesn't like the work she does but she has to do it to survive. She often says" shine on me sunshine" and "rain on me rain" this gives the impression that she wants to break free. In the first stanza there is a list of domestic chores, but after the first stanza and she starts to write about bigger issues like the world and life. In "Lore" the narrator appears to like his life style based on what he says throughout the poem. The narrator Job Davies works as a farmer and has a hard but simple life. R.S Thomas mentions the seasons during this poem because farmers do not just work in the sun and the summer they work in all conditions no matter what. Also the narrator says about the "rhythm of the long scythe”, this means he used to work with a long scythe which is very hard work this describes hard physical work which is similar to the work in the poem woman work. In "lore" the narrator eats quite simple food's which is similar to his life which is also very simple. Job Davies tell he is not miserable when he says "miserable, kick my arse" but he could be a bit miserable I mean what kind of person would like to work outdoors in the freezing cold winter. When Job Davies says "what's living but courage" he believes that life is courageous he believes that life is courageous cause you would have to be courageous to go through what he has gone though and to live...
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