Tale of Two Cities

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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English IV

Tale of Two Cities
Writing Propmts
1. Charles Dickens opening paragraph to A Tale of Two Cities is arguably one of the most famous to ever be written. Nearly everybody in today’s world has some kind of set of morals whether it is because of religious beliefs or just how a person was raised. Morals and beliefs, these are the two main categories that I would put everything into from Charles Dickens’ opening words in A Tale of Two Cities. They show that, although the circumstances were very different and the quality of life was not the same in Revolutionary France, the very same wise words can be applied to today’s world. The words were just as true then as they are now. They show us how similar people of yesterday are to people of today. Times may have changed but the gap between the wealthy and people in poverty remain the same to this day, so that for some people it is "the best of times", and for others, it is "the worst of times." Especially in this economy, there are those struggling to make ends meet right alongside the wealthy who remains living as they always have. CHARACTERIZATION

2. Madame Defarge makes an excellent symbol for the French Revolution because she represents the attitude of the French Peasants-turned-revolutionaries. Like the peasant's, she has suffered greatly at the hands of the aristocrats. Specifically the Evrémondes, to who Charles Darnay is related by blood, and Lucie by marriage. She has seen her family destroyed and lived in poverty. She wishes to live in a world of equality and fairness. Once she gains the power to actually shape her nation, however, she turns into a mad tyrant. No amount of reason can make her forgive, Charles even though it wasn’t him who actually killed her brother and sister it was his uncle and father. THEME

2. The term noblesse oblige comes from the French language, and it means the obligation of honorable, generous, and responsible behavior associated with high rank or birth. This is...
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