Tale of the Lazy Giant

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The Tale of the Lazy Giant
Surely you’ve heard of a town they call Pinkleton, a small town somewhere down der in the south. Now, that be a mighty small town but for us northern folk it sure seems like a big city. I know I’m not tha best person to be explain’ng, but my momma always sed to make the best of things. A few years back, I headed aht to get out of dat city livin for once and I left New Jowsee in order to discover more of that place I call mah country. Der I wos a-praying and a-walking, scavenging, and trying to find a new place to call mah new home. Many months have passed and I was getting tired and I decided to take a break coz I was getting really hungry, but I didn’t know wat was afore me in the morn. I woke up the next mornin’ to find dat I wasn’t in tha path no more, I was in some sort of cave. It ain’t any kind of cave I’ve seen though. I swear it had to be at least 10-feet high and as wide as my old house. The floor was kinda slippy and the ceilin’ was drippin’ water. There wos furniture, paintings, and food just like a normal home. I took some time to look around tha joint, and whenever I looked back at my stuff, there it wos, a big 8-foot tall giant. I wos more scared than when my pap was a-spankin’ me for forgetting to feed animals. This was real, I was looking straight at the beast’s big poppin’ belly, and it surely looked like the feller wanted to eat me. I looked the giant in those dark green eyes of his, and I could feel sweat dripping slow-like down my shirt. The feller did not find me the least bit appetizing, however, thanks to my luck I guess. The big monster just headed down onto his rocky bed, an’ it fell asleep before I ever got to count to two. I ran outside to take a look around the joint and find out where am I. There wosn’t a soul around those parts, so I decided to run further and further until I wos to find some people. This new path was the strangest thing to me. There wos trees growin’ with no fruit I had ever seen. I...
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