Talbot Rueppel

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1) True or False: Lacey likes to talk to his ex wife.
2) True or False: Lacey is not home very much.
3) What was the name of the girl Lacey took home in chapter 15?
A- ShaniquaB-Tasia C- JemishaD- Angel
4) Why did Willie jump in to help her?
She is one of his friends at school
5) In chapter 16, who suggests that Willie needs to interact more with the other students? Andre 5) Which of the people Lacey knows tells Willie he needs to stay away from him? A- FatherB- SonC- Ex wifeD- Brother

6) What exactly is Lacey?A pimp

7) In what chapter did Willie start to play and like basketball again?
A- 19B- 17C- 16D- 18
8) According to Angel, how do girls learn to be prostitutes? (from Chapter 17) They grow up thinking that sex is the only way they can get anything.

9) What does Willie find out about the difference between his mind and his body? They are 2 separate things, he can use them to his advantage.
10) True or False: During this chapter Willie is very sad.
11) What does he do for his little job at the school?
A- GardenB- MopsC- HandiworkD- Paint
12) Where in the school was Willie before the fire?
A- GymB- BasementC- OfficeD- Roof
13) Who is Willie writing the letter to?
His parents
14) True or False: The Jo boys come into the school.
15) What had prevented Hawk from meeting Willie at school as they had planned on the night of the fire? He was defending his family from his psychotic brother. 16) In time, does the school look better or worse after the fire?

17) Does Willie graduate high school with his disabilities?
18) Why does Willie go back to Coho?
He misses everyone there and is not near as disabled as he was. 19) True or False: He comes home to his parents watching TV happy.
Parents are Divorced now.
20) Why does Willie come back to Oakland?
Nobody wants or recognizes him anymore.
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