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在写之前,有一点必须被理解并且贯穿所有问题,BMW我们所讨论的时间基点是未来的5-10年,也就是说,future比historical data要重要,所以回答的方式需要注意。 CVD部分: Briefly define and discuss customers’ value drivers and value chain analysis and how they can be used by BMW to maintain high customer satisfaction. * CVD is an activity or organizational focus that enhances the value of a product or service in the perception of the consumer and which therefore creates value for the producer. Advanced technology, reliability, or reputation for customer relations can all be value drivers. * Customer perceived value is subjective and differentiate among different groups. Even differences can be seen in the various periods of purchasing and utilizing. * The basic factors of CVD (customer perceived value) are values, needs, preferences and financial resources. Major factors can be product quality, service quality and price. The mentioned factors are conducted with two components: perceived benefits and perceived sacrifices. * Perceived sacrifices include overall cost (product price, search cost, uncertainty risk) -------- Perceived benefits include the product design and service. (individual design). ++++++ These needs to know the customers’ values, preferences. * 下面就具体说车了。。。其中不同的区域都需要分别说,总的来说应该是相似的,可能就是每个区域有相应的着重点。(!!!!关于这个问题需要重点查资料) CVD一般不会有太大变化,除非是有巨大的收入、文化结构上的改变。这个也是要考虑的。关注以后5-10年世界可能有的变化。 大方向来说,BMW目前旗下的3个品牌, 针对有所不同。 MINI aimed at upper-middle-class buyers who aren’t quite affluent enough to buy a real BMW. This group is also the target market for the new BMW compact, the 1 Series, which has just arrived in Europe. It is due in the U.S. in 2006 or 2007. Rolls Royce focuses on wealthy, traditional thinkers. They’ve never been that interested in driving sporty cars like BMWs, and consider luxury and comfort over driving performance. They would normally purchase the Mercedes S-class and Jaguars as they strive for elegance and sophistication.

For BMW, 5, 7 make them luxurious as well as sporty to drive X5 aimed at socially conscious, open-minded professionals often with families who were successful in the 90s. They were predominantly Volvos, Saabs and SUVs drivers. 具体还需要一些补充,这部分资料是要查找的,当然也可以加入YY成分。 这部分在后面的CP也有描述

Strategy and competitive advantages部分: (a) Identify the main factors that drive BMW’s business strategy and discuss how they are utilized to strengthen the company’s competitive position. (b) To what extent does the company benchmark its performance against its main competitors? * 核心策略:差异化策略----体验决定一切 (坐benz, 开bmw) 纯粹的驾驶乐趣 sheer driving pleasure (与它的competitive advantage息息相关) 高档细分,保持一贯性 (外型,标志,车系,关键设计甚至展厅布置) * 以下所提出的不仅是competitive advantages, 更体现了宝马的一个核心策略,competition

他的strategy就是,competition使得他更加competitive,这不仅体现在他与其他公司, 还有他旗下内部的竞争,也能提高他每个品牌自身的advantages. * 品牌 BENZ>BMW>AUDI
BMW主要车系| 对应的竞争对手| 3系| 奔驰C级,奥迪A4,克莱斯勒300C,凯迪拉克CTS,沃尔沃S40,丰田皇冠| 5系| 奔驰E级,奥迪A6,凯迪拉克SLS| 7系| 奔驰S级,奥迪A8,沃尔沃S80 | X系| 奔驰ML级,奥迪Q7,保时捷卡宴大众途锐| MINI| 大众 甲壳虫,奥迪TT |

1.造型。(这些也是BWM的CVD,benefits, 也是products’ value chain analysis) 奔驰给人的感觉是贵气,气质高贵,这也符合奔驰的定位——舒适、豪华。近年来,随着富人的年轻化趋向,奔驰也开始年轻运动起来,典型的就是S级。外抛的轮拱,霸气的车头...这些元素组成了S级年轻运动的外形。还有CLS,漂亮的外形... 宝马的汽车给人的感觉是优雅而动感!这是宝马一贯的设计哲学。随着邦格的入主宝马设计室,宝马开始用复杂的线条修饰自己,复杂的燃烧表面是其他品牌难以企及的.. 奥迪给人的感觉是沉稳,今年来开始走运动路线。中国市场上,A6一贯给人官车的感觉,稳重的外形确实符合这一形象。A5和新A4的出现,给沉稳的奥迪注入了新的活力,运动感十足的造型,漂亮的线条,幽蓝的车头灯关...梦幻十足! 2.质量。三大品牌的质量是不用说的。如果其中有一个差,还有“三驾马车”之称吗?所以说,不分伯仲... 3.操控。头位不用质疑吧?90年历史的动感优雅的BMW,毫无疑问称雄操控冠军!能与之相媲美的,保时捷咯......
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