Taks Essay “How Do Surroundings Affect Your Life?”

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  • Published : April 8, 2008
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Surroundings affect life by telling you what you should be. Our surroundings are part of our culture. In another country, the people have customs are different than those of Americans, and we think that they’re strange. The truth, however, is that we seem strange to them. All around us are things and people telling us what to become, influencing our everyday lives. The Amish culture seems strange to many Americans. The Amish are fundamentalists, and don’t want to modernize. They’ve been raised and surrounded by the old ways of doing things, before electricity. They think we’re lazy and strange. Hard work and skill of hand are part of their culture. Their culture tells them to be this way. People are part of our surroundings. What fashion statements are going on? What are the celebrities wearing? Whether we know it our not, we all want to be just like the other people. Our culture wants us to fit in, to become part of the surroundings. We let friends, fashion, and fame control who we are, and who we are becoming. But these are what surround us! As humans, it is impossible for us to know anything other than what can be seen or heard. We see and hear everything in our surroundings every day. Our surroundings tell us who we should be, and so we become just that, and so does everyone else. In the end, we all become exactly what society wants us to be. We become our surroundings.
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