Taking Risks

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Living a Risk
Each and every day we take risks; most time without even knowing it. A risk is something that is often discouraged or associated to be somewhat negative. When you think of risk, you think of something that is bad or looked down upon. We all should live life exploring opportunities and testing boundaries. Having the mindset that whether good or bad, the outcome will be a learning experience in which we could use in future situations. It was once stated that “a person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing.” This leads me to the point that there is no way to avoid risks. At some point, we will encounter a situation in which we will have to risk something. Furthermore, each time we do something we are taking a risk, whether it be walking out of a building or running a red light. A perfect example of risk taking would be getting into a swimming pool. In this scenario, if you did not know how to swim you would be facing the risk of drowning. Another example, would be writing a paper at the last minute. The problem with this would be you procrastinating until the last minute, risking multiple errors in the paper that go unnoticed due to the lack of time. There are also different types of risks, which could be broken down into two different categories: Intelligent risks and dumb risks. An intelligent risk would be considered more probable or logical. Such risks should be taken with no hesitation or second-guessing, because “what is the worst that could happen?” On the contrary, we have the bad risks, which would often be considered dumb or a waste of time. Imagine what the world would be like if a risk was never taken. There would be none of these modern technological advancements or discoveries. The world would not function as we know it. We would be living in a very isolated, limited and deprived society. In other words, that means no: cell phones, TVs, internet, game systems, cars and everything we use on a daily basis. When...
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