Taking on the Trust

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Taking On the Trust
Steve Weinberg’s “Taking on the Trust” is a book that chronicles the lives of both Ida Tarbell and John D. Rockefeller. Ida Tarbell was born in Pennsylvania to Franklin and Esther Tarbell. While her family was not necessarily poor they were not rich either. At times they had to struggle to make it through while at other times they had money in the bank. One of the interesting things about her family is how strongly religion played a role in their family. Even when they didn’t have much they still tried to help out those who are less fortunate than themselves. Ida Tarbell was quite a curious youth. When she was younger and living in an oil field she witnessed that there are objects that float and objects that didn’t. She looked at her younger brother who was still a baby and decided to see whether he floated or not. So she decided to drop him in this ravine type thing and saw that he floated. Needless to say that the consequences that this brought to her were very severe, she even to her last day didn’t regret it. She actually took pride in the fact that he floated. Ida Tarbell grew up to be a very learned person. She even attended high school. And the reason that is such an amazing feat is that not many women graduated high school. And much less became journalists. She had started out as a teacher. And then she got an offer to write for a publication, which she gladly accepted. John D. Rockefeller had very similar roots to Ida except in the fact that his mother was the one that was well off. His father however was quite the scoundrel. He was a con artist who I am assuming had many bank accounts and aliases. He acted as a travelling doctor by the name of William Livingston and provides cures for cancers and other ailments. He also had mistresses and fathered other children. He was also accused of rape and was pressured to leave where he lived in order to restore peace to his family in a way. John D. even claims to have inherited his father’s...
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