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  • Published : January 31, 2012
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Essay Quiz Tips
Active Reading
marking, writing: purpose, audience, tone, statements where the writer is making his/her point, important summary sentence Read the Questions first
AP test: a. read and mark key words in the questions
b. read the text
c. write the answer in the margin of the text
d. answer the questions
Course test: a. read, mark key words in the text
b. summarize ideas and key thoughts in the margin
c. answer the questions with text in hand
POE: Process of Elimination
immediately mark out the answers that are not right
think deeply and remind yourself, “What is the question really asking?” if you have two possible answers, after reasoning through, go with your “gut”

QUIZ acronym
Questions first: Scan the quiz by marking key words
Understand the reading: annotate to find the purpose, audience, tone, summary statements Ignore wrong answers: POE (process of elimination)
Zeal to understand: “what is the question really asking?”

take one quiz per day
understand explanations from past quizzes
keep a record of reasons for missing questions

Essay Quiz Tips from DocSharing Resource
After taking the quiz, review your quiz in the Gradebook.
Review the questions you missed.

Consider why you might have missed questions. Are you over-thinking or second-guessing? Or did you misunderstand the question? Did you read the essay or passage too quickly? Did you misunderstand a term? Reviewing the quiz will help you know which questions you answered incorrectly so you can identify how to learn from your mistake.

Keep a record of why you might have missed questions. You can build a spreadsheet or keep a journal (electronic or paper). As the semester progresses, see if you can identify any thought patterns or habits that can lead to wrong answers. (For example, if you consistently lose points because you second-guess your...
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