Taking Control with New Technology: Brave New World

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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In Brave New World the state starts to take control over new technologies. An example of the theme is the control of the reproduction through technological intervention. In the creation of the entertainment machines, that generate harmless leisure and high levels of consumption became the worlds states stable environment. There was more than just one certain technology themes. The most important difference between science and the technology, was where mainly the state talks about the progress and the science, which really meant making the technology better. Throughout the story different moods come about because it’s not just about technology the entire time; it also consists of a lot of drug and sex action. The mood in the story kind of changes within each chapter, for example when Bernard’s helicopter came and when john was finally able to run back from the house to his hiding area, Huxley created a bit of a suspenseful mood. Although throughout the story there isn’t a certain mood. It’s more so of a mixture of mood to create the entire story. He accomplishes his mood changing by where the setting is of each thing and how he describes what’s going on. Also he does this by the word choice and vocabulary. He finds various ways to explain/show emotion by word contact and whether or not the mood is uplifting or suspenseful is done by how he creates his own mood. The mood changed various times in this story in my opinion.
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